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Drop-down menus using javaScript to navigate and Accessibility Issues


From: Grossman, Susan
Date: May 28, 2004 8:42AM

Hello List Members,

We are building an internal web application that will be a portal with multiple application 'modules' from it. We are building
things backwards due to deadlines and a single application module is being developed at the same time as the enterprise L&F and standards, thus many of the standards are being dictated by the needs of the initial user group
(client). Each module has it's own client base, though some clients use multiple modules (user authentication login model). The initial client is
very adamant that the "actions"&, which can be quite a list, be drop-down menus (as opposed to buttons or links) - but no GO
button. I am basically using the typical js for this:

function takeaction(form)

var url = document.selectform.actions.options[document.selectform.actions.selectedIndex].value

window.location.href = url




Since we're using middle ware (java back-end) we'd be using process pages (pages without any html) to direct to from the drop-downs to
handle whether we need to add in different actions like submit methods, etc.

ADA level 2 compliance is our enterprise standard we are setting in our official guidelines/standards doc we're writing simultaneously - with additional level 3 that we can get approved by the enterprise architect. We've set up an exception process for
when requirements needs a push back from our rulings and neither side will give. We are setting up the entire portal and all application off of it (modules) as css tableless design.

How would you suggest handling the requirement of these navigational/actionable drop-down menus? Additional text links at page bottom? Is there an accessible script hack? What exactly are all
the issues and arguments? (ok - maybe a bit much to ask... hoping someone can point me to some articles....)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Grossman