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Re: WebAIM Discussion List Digest 29.05.2004.


From: skeegan@htctu.net
Date: May 31, 2004 12:54PM


> The problem is not the script itself but the handling by the browser.
> First of all you create dead form elements when javascript is not
> available. Secondly onchange means you cannot use a keyboard to send off
> the form, as every change in the form (tabbing to it - hitting cursor
> down) will send it off, meaning I can never reach any other option but the
> next one.

Technically, you can open these drop-down lists with Alt+Down arrow and then use
the up/down arrow keys to select the option of you choice without the redirect.
This is not specifically an assistive technology command, but works within the

On the usability side, I would argue that this is a bit of a pain because you
always find out too late (i.e., when the page changes) that the list is
javascripted when using keyboard navigation. However, usability is usually
considered last...