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Re: Does WCAG require headings start at 1?


From: David Engebretson Jr.
Date: Jul 29, 2021 8:52PM

Are there any basic tutorials for how to create a logical Table Of Contents from logical heading structure? I can think of a couple of methods but I wouldn't want to interrupt the love fest going on here for heading level 1's outside of the beginning of the main region *smile* (breadcrumb regions at heading level 2 have been the only time I allow it to pass, and that is just about to change). I'm all about consistency of UI and UX and sometimes our designers put them before the heading level 1, sometimes after... not consistent.

Hopefully you all still agree there should be one heading level 1 with heading level 2 as the main sections and heading level 3 as subsections of heading level 2, etc.

If not then maybe I just don't understand what the original question was asking...

I thought the original question was asking if it was okay to put heading levels other than heading level 1 as the first heading on the page.

The intent of my initial response was to say that it's okay to put headings other than heading level 1 before the one heading level 1 per page that should be at the beginning of the main region. This is where a visually oriented persons eyes will be drawn to by the designer. Then heading level 2 will be the main sections, heading level 3 subsections of heading level 2, etc... all logical numerically.

But before and after the semantic main region you'll often see content. If you put headings in there then cool. Just don't put heading level 1 in there. Heading level 1 is one per page and at the beginning of the main region only.

Just remember to start your semantic header and footer regions with heading level 2 then you'll have no issue as long as you follow the logic.