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Navigate to browser toolbar when plug-in is present


From: Lisa Pappas
Date: Jun 1, 2004 7:24AM

We have a browser-based application that can host an in-line plug-in, such as MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), and Adobe (.pdf) files that are opened into the browser. How can we navigate to the Browser or the Document Viewer toolbar using the keyboard when the plug-in is opened in the browser window?

We've reviewed the Internet Explorer Keyboard shortcut lists and reviewing on-line help for the individual applications, but we have not found a solution.

To explain the problem, once the in-line plug-in is present, keyboard inputs, such as Alt+D (to take you to the Address bar), no longer work.

Can someone help me to understand the proper (from 508 & WAI Guidelines) behavior and how to achieve this?

Thank you for any guidance!


===================Lisa Pappas
accessibility analyst
SAS Institute, Inc.