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Possible Solution for accessible dropdown navigation


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Jun 1, 2004 6:14PM

Ok, if you followed, we had the following problem the last few days:

We wanted a dropdown navigation that does not have a "go" button, but is
still accessible. The problem is that when you do an onchange on the
select element, you cannot navigate to it via Keyboard, and generally
without a "go" button, we are always dependent on Javascript.

I took the approach the other way around:

- Without Javascript you'll have a normal select with a go button.
- With Javascript enabled I wanted to replace the keyboard-inaccessible
select solution with an easier one, a list with links
- I didn't want to use any inline Javascript
- I wanted to make the dropdown easier to be styled - some questions
about that occured on CSS-D

The solution is here:

It is far from perfect, but I think I finally found an example where a
DHTML dropdown is making sense :-)

What do you think?