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Re: query on the alternative map widget


From: Wee, Kim (MNIT)
Date: Aug 25, 2021 1:48PM

Here, at the State of Minnesota, we have a Maps Accessibility Community of Practice that has produced some awesome materials on Map Accessibility. The information is posted on the MNIT (Minnesota IT Services) Accessibility website and addresses Map Design, Static Maps and Interactive Web Maps. Our work focuses more on ESRI services and may help with your solutions at the university.

Website address: https://mn.gov/mnit/about-mnit/accessibility/maps/

Kim Wee, CPWA, DHS Certified Trusted Tester v5
Webmaster and Digital Accessibility Coordinator | Operations Team
Minnesota IT Services | Partnering with Education
1500 Highway 36
Roseville, MN 55113
O: 651-582-8548
Information Technology for Minnesota Government | mn.gov/mnit

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This brings up an interesting question for me and the university I work at: Are there WCAG compliant maps and/or map widgets that can be implemented in Drupal, WordPress, and static HTML sites?

Our current mapping solutions for desktop machines use Google Maps and ESRI derived maps. My screen readers see the maps as arrays of graphics and I don't see text alternatives that provide the map data with equity to my sighted peers.

I see lots of interesting research happening but I'm struggling to find a complete solution to meet 1.1.1 with Google Maps and ESRI based maps in the desktop sphere.

Thanks for your thoughts and wisdom!

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Maps are considered "non-text content" so WCAG 1.1.1 applies, which says you must have "a text alternative that serves the equivalent purpose". It sounds like you have the facets and the map tied to each other, which is good, and the facets might be one form of "text alternative" for the map, but it also sounds like the map shows the results. Are those results available as a text outside the map? Such as in a table of results?

And if the map shows results, if you zoom in or out or pan the map, do the results update? If so, you'd need an accessible way to "zoom in or out" to get similar results. It doesn't necessarily have to be from the map, but the same functionality must exist that is accessible.