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Re: Drop-down menus using javaScript to navigate and Accessibility Issues


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Jun 2, 2004 9:15AM

> --- WebAIM Discussion List" < <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
>> What is
> the use of a noscript section?
> The noscript allows the page to be usable
> to people not using JavaScript at all. I do lots of surfing from my work
> computer
> in web browsers without JS. Occasionally I will leave because someone only
> has navigation which works with JS I cannot use.

It would help to quote the rest of my mail aswell.

Personally I consider a noscript section rather outdated, as you _can_
write javascript that only enhances the markup when it is available.

Using NOSCRIPT to fix javascript dependencies is fixing the symptom not
the cause. You wrote Javascript that is obtrusive and mess up the markup
to work around it rather than using DOM to alter the markup.

It is deprecated and mixes the markup with behaviour. We should think
about scripting more properly instead.

Chris Heilmann
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