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Re: [EXTERNAL] - Software vs Web testing


From: glen walker
Date: Sep 2, 2021 9:40AM

Sounds like a mix of WCAG and ATAG.

Captivate, itself, falls more under ATAG (authoring tool accessibility
guidelines). ATAG generally isn't as "popular" or as well known as WCAG.
In a nutshell, it essentially says that an authoring tool (something you
use to create web content) must be accessible *and* the content you
generate with the tool must be accessible. You are testing the latter
part. You want to make sure whatever is created by Captivate and accessed
by the students will be accessible. Whether the Captivate tool itself is
accessible isn't really an issue for the students.

If you find accessibility issues in the final product, they're real issues
and should be reported.