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Re: Is screen-reader silence on button activation a failure? If so, what does it fail?


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Sep 9, 2021 10:22AM

Add an aria-pressed attribute to the button. Set its value to "true"
when button is pressed and checkboxes are checked.
Depending on what happens next, either:
set aria-pressed back to false if pressing the button with all
checkboxes checked unchecks them again
add aria-disabled="true" if pressing the button with all checkboxes
checked does nothing.

On 9/9/21, Jeremy Echols < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> We have a button to select all checkboxes in a list, similar to gmail where
> you want to select all conversations. The button tells you that it will
> select everything, so the user should know what to expect. But when the
> button is activated, nothing is announced to screen-reader users. Dead
> silence.
> The effect of the button is to simply change a bunch of checkboxes to be
> checked, and it performs that just fine. The page content doesn't change,
> and there is no visual alert to indicate that the button had any effect
> other than those checkboxes being checked instead of not checked. So I'm not
> sure if I pass this behavior or fail it.
> Any advice would be appreciated.
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