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Re: Is screen-reader silence on button activation a failure? If so, what does it fail?


From: glen walker
Date: Sep 9, 2021 11:02AM

Sometimes having to make minimal changes is all you can do. It's not ideal
but is a fact of business sometimes. It's better than no changes.

In your situation, if it's a true button and performs an immediate action,
and if you can't make it a toggle button as Birkir mentions, then you are
ok as is. You labeled the button with sufficient information that it will
select all the checkboxes. There's no need to announce that the action was
successful (unless you visibly have text on the screen that says "17 boxes
selected", which it sounds like you don't). The only time I'd make an
announcement that the button was successful is if there's a chance that it
won't be successful. That is, is there a situation where all the
checkboxes won't be selected? If not, then no announcement is needed.