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Re: Accessible popup ads


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Jun 4, 2004 4:07AM

> Hi All,
> I've found lots of references to making popups that are triggered by user
> action (e.g. clicking) more accessible.
> I have a situation where an already accessible site want to do popup
> adverts
> fired by the body onload event.
> Is there any way in which these can be made to be accessible?

Well, most of them will be filtered out by popup blockers and firewalls
anyway. A new window is always a problem, as for example text browsers
simply don't have them and it is pretty confusing with screen readers,

If the popups are NOT external documents, but could just be images and
links, I'd go for a pop-under instead, which is a div inside the document
that covers the original page until you click it. You could add those to
the end of the document, for non-javascript users and position them via
javascript later (as you cannot hide them via CSS only onclick).

Chris Heilmann
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