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Re: Serious bugs in latest Acrobat update: DO NOT UPDATE


From: L Snider
Date: Sep 22, 2021 12:07PM

I just don't understand why Adobe creates the barriers and then we
have to convince them that accessibility matters and isn't a human
right. I am very frustrated with them, this should be part of their
code checks-not an add on! Thanks to Bevi, because I had updated one
machine and found weird things, and thank goodness I didn't open the

What will it take to make Adobe care about accessibility? They should
be doing code checks...if Microsoft can improve their products, then
Adobe should be as well as a market leader.

I am very frustrated that we keep dealing with issues in Acrobat, and
these are huge!

Thanks Bevi for bringing this up, because it explains why I was having
issues on one of my computers.

It is 2021, can we not convince Adobe to do better without voting for
this, like it is a nice feature to have as an add on????

My frustrated rant ends now.



On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 12:57 PM < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Last week, Adobe updated Acrobat and with it, the PDF Maker plug-in for MS
> Office that is used to export PDFs from Word and other office apps on
> Windows.
> Several key bugs in PDF Maker have shown up since, namely:
> * Alt-text added in Word is dropped in the exported PDF and replaced
> with code gibberish. (Yes, all the Alt-text you worked hard on is gone!)
> * Every frigging line, border, and background fill on table cells,
> text boxes, paragraph borders, and hyperlinks is tagged in the Tag Tree with
> <P>PathPathPathPathPathPath.one "path" for each border on each cell in a
> table.
> * And there's no way to roll back to the previous version of Acrobat
> and recover your tools. Once updated, you are S O L.
> Three actions to take:
> 1. Vote to fix these bugs on Adobe's UserVoice website.
> If you can, please also add a comment about how accessibility is required
> for you and your organization by your country's and state's laws. (Adobe's
> staff don't understand these laws about civil rights and equal access to
> information.) We need a few hundred votes on this page for Adobe to pay
> attention to the problem, so spread this message to your colleagues.
> The website is at
> https://acrobat.uservoice.com/forums/590923-acrobat-for-windows-and-mac/sugg
> estions/44183082-accessibility-errors-with-pdf-maker-update-sept-20
> 2. Until this is fixed, use Microsoft's built-in utility to export
> accessible tagged PDFs, and skip the Acrobat Ribbon (which is the Adobe PDF
> Maker plug-in) altogether. I'll have a blog / tutorial on this by the
> weekend, but in the meantime, here are the quick instructions:
> a. Make an accessible Word document as usual, with styles, Alt-text,
> etc.
> b. File / Save As / and then choose PDF in the File Type field. This
> triggers Microsoft's built-in export utility, not Adobe's.
> c. Set your options, file location, and file name.
> 3. And don't upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat. The version
> that is buggy (well, more than usual) is 2021.007.XXXX, and the versions of
> PDF Maker that are installed with it are PDF Maker 21 Library 21.7.123 and
> Library 21.7.112.
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