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Testing SC 1.4.12 in multiple browsers


From: Ramakrishnan Subramanian
Date: Sep 22, 2021 11:03PM

In One of the applications, the text spacing bookmarklet which we use
does not seem to work may be because of the multiple layers of frames
within the main iframe in the page. Hence, we tried with the stylus
browser extension which does not seem to support IE 11 in Windows and
Safari in Mac. Hence, I have the following query.
In case where we support multiple browsers in both Windows and Mac
platforms, is it necessary to test against the WCAG 2.1 SC (1.4.12
text spacing) in each browser and platform combination we support? If
yes, is there any reliable test tool which can be used in various
OS/browser combinations?
FYI, we use the following bookmarklet.


Thanks and Regards