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Re: Testing SC 1.4.12 in multiple browsers


From: glen walker
Date: Sep 23, 2021 10:27AM

I would go with what Steve says and ignore what I said :-)

I use AT to find a11y issues. It's easy to listen to elements with a
screen reader as I tab through the page. If I hear something that doesn't
match what I see, it raises a flag. Likewise, if I navigate with the
screen reader's table navigation or list navigation or heading navigation
(or use the SR dialog to display a list of tables, lists, or headings), if
I don't move to elements that appear to be tables, lists, or headings, that
raises a flag. But that does *not* mean if it reads correctly that there
isn't a problem. I always go back to code inspection, as Steve recommends.

Regarding 2.4.1, I would still test on multiple browsers. It used to be
that IE needed the target of the skip link to have tabindex="-1" whereas
chrome and firefox did not. (Not sure about safari). If the page only
scrolls and doesn't move the focus, then I would consider the "mechanism"
broken and would fail 2.4.1.