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US Government site uses an overlay?


From: glen walker
Date: Oct 4, 2021 10:58AM

Not to fan the flames with another overlay discussion but this surprised me.

I typically run with an ad blocker in my browsers, which brings me as much
joy as recording tv shows and fast forwarding over commercials. With the
ad blocker on, it typically prevents third party tools from loading on
websites, such as overlays, so I often don't notice if a site has an

It was just pointed out to me that the US Social Security Agency, ssa.gov,
has the AudioEye overlay on its site. This really surprised me since the
SSA is the department that created the ANDI accessibility tool (
https://www.ssa.gov/accessibility/andi/help/install.html) and is the main
tool used for getting a Trusted Tester certification from the US Dept of
Homeland Security (

Why would a group that is focused on accessibility rely on an overlay?