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Re: Making Speaker Notes Accessible as a Tagged PDF


From: Andy LaGow
Date: Oct 6, 2021 12:50PM

There's a larger issue involved from a corporate standpoint, which basically boils down to the devotion to which brands are prioritized over accessibility. This hurdle can be next to impossible to overcome, unless brand guidelines are specifically redesigned for accessibility. I've seen it to some extent, but most designers working today still don't get it. I see this every day.

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> David, that's incredible!
> I'm wondering if you could present a short summary of this at the AHG conference next month?
> We keep getting questions from our academic clients on how to bring accessibility into the mainstream...that it becomes just the normal ways things are made.
> You have some great examples.
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> Ooh, you might be interested in some of the work we are doing at the university I work at!
> I'm pushing for:
> * teachers in our elementary education teaching programs to teach kids how to make documents fully accessible from the first time the students touch a computer.
> * training all faculty staff and students to make their digital creations fully accessible from design to implementation as soon as they join our university community
> * incorporating accessible design principles into our curriculum from English 101 on... hopefully into all GUR's *incorporating accessible design principles into our computer science programs from CS 101 on... hopefully into all programs of concentration that deal with digital technologies, and programs that create physical products (such as industrial design)
> * and much more!
> I think the solution to the a11y problem is to start teaching our youngest students, right from the start, to create things with accessibility in mind. Maybe then, in 50 years, I can retire from being an a11y advocate because all humans will understand the importance of accessible design. I'm a dreamer, I know. 😊
> Thanks again for all of your hard work and advocacy!
> David
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