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Re: Accessible popup ads


From: Cheryl D. Wise
Date: Jun 4, 2004 11:30AM

Suggest they reevaluate onload pop-ups?

According to statistics I've seen between 6O & 80% of surfers use some sort
of pop-up blocker (sitepoint.com published something in the last month about
this very issue). When XP Service Pack 2 is released later this year that
number is likely to go up because one the update is installed IE will block
pop-ups by default. Yahoo, MSN, Roadrunner all offer that ability now. I
think EarthLink and other national ISP do as well. Users of Google toolbar
and other third party toolbars offer pop-up blockers as port of their
current package. Many other browsers allow you to block pop- ups natively.

It has already been announced that Microsoft will be pushing this service
pack so strongly they will even allow "pirated" copies to be updated for
security reasons.

Cheryl D. Wise
Certified Professional Web Developer
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From: tsb

I've found lots of references to making popups that are triggered by user
action (e.g. clicking) more accessible.

I have a situation where an already accessible site want to do popup adverts
fired by the body onload event.

Is there any way in which these can be made to be accessible?