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Re: Testing with default or adjusted screen reader settings


From: wolfgang.berndorfer@zweiterblick.at
Date: Oct 11, 2021 9:27AM

Not for testing along WCAG, but for development: Setting options for SR should be kept in mind.

What if CSS or JS is disabled? These questions are already taken into account for best practice.

What e.g., if alternative text is generally ignored by SR settings? Yes, this strange option is available, probably because it was demanded by enervated SR users.

My suggestion for advanced A11Y development:
1. Open your Browser
2. Press Jaws-Key + 6 for Settings
3. Inset "Web" and explore the options.


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Subject: [WebAIM] Testing with default or adjusted screen reader settings

Hi all

Should the a11y of a website be checked using the default settings of screen readers or is there some responsibility on the user to adjust their settings to be able to use the website better? If it is up to the user, what settings should be adjusted in NVDA and Jaws?

Thanks in anticipation.