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Talkie OCR - Vision Impaired iOS Text Scanner App


From: Symisc Systems, SUARL
Date: Oct 15, 2021 4:58PM

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to share with you, a brand new iOS app developed by our
company PixLab (https://pixlab.io) for the vision impaired audience. The
app in question is *Talkie OCR - Image to Speech
*which is an state-of-the-art OCR scanner that practically turn almost
any images with human readable characters into text content, which is in
turn transformed into human voice in your native language, and accent.
Built-in features of the app includes:

Automatically Recognize the Input Language: Once the scanned image (Book
page, magazine, journal, scientific paper, etc.) recognized and
transformed into text content, you'll be able to playback that text in
your local accent.
Built-in translation service to over 30 foreign languages of your choice.
Generate PDFs on the fly and Copy to device clipboard.
State of the art OCR processing algorithms powered by the PixLab API
Speaks over 45 languages with their accents.
100% AD Free Experience.
Supports Air Print, PDF Generation.
Built-in Vision Impaired Mode with the ability to recognize the input
language automatically, and camera trigger upon launch.
Playback Pause & Resume at Request.
Offline Save for Later Read & Playback.

The app is available for free of charge, with IAP for long term use
and/or advanced features such as Air Print, Save for Later Read, or
unlimited translations.

The app store link is located at:

There is also, an Android port developed by Seegson at:

Feel free to try -out the app. Let us know if you have any suggestion,
feedback or any other issue you want to report. We look forward to hear
back from your great community!

Best Regards;

Symisc Systems, SUARL.