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Focus order vs Error message


From: allyssa jessicon
Date: Oct 22, 2021 9:40AM

Hi there,

I am having a situation where there is a small form which includes a radio
button to either Accept or Rejecte the Terms of Use and enter a Password in
the password edit field to submit a form. The form gives an error message
if user makes no selection and or provide invalid input, for i.e. wrong
password and the Error or the message will be displayed in a Window.

I am so confused in understanding where the focus should reach back to if
user makes no selection for both the Radio button and Password edit filed
and submit form. Please note that Submitting the form will open a window
where user has 2 options either close it or click OK button. I think the
focus should go back to the triggering elements because the user is not
interacting with the form fields and instead submitting the form directly.

I am okay to set the focus on any of the form field where user has missed
or entered invalid data, but please bear in mind that in this particular
scenario user is not making any selection in the form fields.

I would really like to know your thoughts on this against WCAG
violation/best practices.

Looking forward your valuable responses.