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Re: Voiceover bugs for Web


From: glen walker
Date: Oct 24, 2021 11:36PM

For iOS (not sure if it works for Mac), you can use the *undocumented* text
role. It's not officially supported and support for it could drop at any
time, but it's been working for at least 7 years now.

<div role="text">hello world <span> this is a fine place</span></div>

This will read the entire <div> in one swipe.

On Sun, Oct 24, 2021 at 11:20 PM Murphy, Sean <
<EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> All,
> Our accessibility team has noticed some bugs with Voiceover and Safari
> when using <div> and <span>. If a <span> is used within <divs> or other
> elements. The span tag is treated as a block element. Below are two
> scenario's we have discovered:
> 1. We have a design pattern for checkboxes which uses native HTML
> elements. Nested within the label is a <span> which has the visual
> description. Jaws for windows, NVDA, iOS Voiceover and Talk back android
> all treat this construct correctly. The screen reader announces the label
> and description, plus the state of the element in the correct order. Mac
> Voiceover says the label then "one more item". Aria-describedby could fix
> this issue if we applied it, but this is a unnecessary work around because
> all other screen readers work correctly.
> 2. On voiceover on iOS. If you use a <div> and <span nested. Such as
> <div> hello world <span> this is a fine place </span><div>. Voiceover
> announces the div text on the first swipe, then the span on the second
> swipe. Rather than reading the whole block of text. All other screen
> readers we have tested treat it as a single block of text as the <div> is a
> block element.
> Other than making people aware of these strange issues, I am wondering if
> there is any resource out there which highlight these types of issues or a
> place to try and get them fixed.
> Regards
> Sean Murphy
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