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Re: An Accessible method of hiding HTML content


From: Derek Featherstone
Date: Jun 7, 2004 7:43AM

larry.g.hull wrote:
> I'm open to suggestions on how best to provide screen reader users
> with a way to navigate the page similar to scanning the visual clues.
> A visually invisible index comes to mind but perhaps there is a
> better way?

I'd suggest the most obvious, and practical would be to ensure at a bare
minimum that a page such as you describe with multiple "sections" have
appropriate heading level markup. They could be visually styled to "fit"
with the rest of the design, and provide valuable information to screen
reader users, that can navigate from heading to heading (as an example, JAWS
users can navigate from heading to heading by pressing the "H" key).

That would provide a very basic level of allowing a screen reader user to
scan the page as long as the links were grouped with appropriate headings...

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