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Quark to tagged pdf


From: Sandy Clark
Date: Jun 9, 2004 8:27AM

This one is a fun one.
Just got put on a project where the client
is tasked with creating "accessible" pdf's of booklets they have done in
Quark/Mac for a government entity.
They are required to do PDF's because they
'must look exactly like the printed booklet'.  However since it is to go on
a govt web site, they must be "accessible".
(I'm putting all that in quotes because I
know that PDF's are not totally accessible). 
Has anyone got quark to export tagged
information for use with Acrobat 6?  We've tried to take an existing PDF
that was printed from quark and tag it, but have run into severe issues. 
I've been searching the web for about 5 hours now and I can't get any good
answers.  (I also have a question into Quark's technical support, but who
knows what they will say).
Any and all help anyone can give me would be
much appreciated.
Sandy Clark