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fade-in text abd auto-navigation to next slide


From: Mike Warner
Date: Oct 29, 2021 9:10AM

Hi all,

I'm evaluating a course created in Articulate that has text that gradually
fades in, usually from top to bottom, but not always. The material also
automatically proceeds to the next slide after the voiceover completes.

Before the fade-in text is visible, it's not available to AT. As such,
some AT users won't know that the text will appear eventually and, if they
can't hear the voiceover, they won't know that they're missing content.
The AT sees an empty slide when it loads and arrowing or tabbing gives
nothing to announce. I'm trying to figure out which WCAG item this would
fail, but am not really sure. Maybe it's just a poor design? They seem
rather stuck on having the text fade-in this way. There are ways for
fade-in text to be available to AT before it's visible, but I'd like to
point to a WCAG item for reference and back-up.

The material also auto-navigates to the next slide when the voiceover is
done. You can pause the audio to prevent this, but then you won't hear all
of the spoken text and the fade-in text will stop fading in. I'm thinking
that this is an issue for 2.2.1 – Timing Adjustable, but am not positive.
Is it?

Thank you,

Mike Warner
Director of IT Services
MindEdge, Inc.