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Re: tooltips on tap


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Nov 11, 2021 7:16AM

On 11/11/2021 14:08, Tim Harshbarger wrote:
> I am sure someone else will correct me if I miss something.

Not correct, but complement *smile*

> Any user interface element that relies on focus or hover to work will not work on touch devices.

Pedantic perhaps, but I'll note that even on touch devices, you can have
paired keyboard and mice, and even a stylus/pen that is hover-aware, so
these modalities will still exist and can be planned for. But yes,
assuming the touch screen is the primary and most commonly used input
method on smartphones/tablet nonetheless, it's definitely not something
you should rely on as an author (but can add awareness/support in your
product as a bonus).

Also, regarding focus, it depends if the activation of a control/button
itself immediately triggers something or not. Once you tap a button, for
instance, it will have focus...so you can theoretically hang
functionality off of that - so you *can* for instance make something a
two-step process: first tap on a button shows whatever the focus
functionality is, and only a second tap on the same button will actually
trigger any kind of action. (same applies to mouse, incidentally, even
on desktop)

But of course, that's more of a patch, rather than a solid interaction
sequence (forcing users to tap twice to actually do something).

> So the only way tooltips will work on a mobile device is if you use some method for triggering the tooltip that does not rely on those events.

You *could* at a stretch implement the above-mentioned two-step. But
much more solid approach is indeed not to rely at all on tooltips and to
make the interface obvious without the need for tooltips at all
(benefits all users, even on mouse/keyboard platforms, incidentally).

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