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ARIA with screen readers


From: Sumit Patel
Date: Dec 25, 2021 7:43AM

Hi all,

I was going through some of the ARIA examples in multiple websites.
some doubts popped up in my mind.

1. aria-required attribute In radio groups,
I have seen both the practices to make the screen reader to announce
the required attribute.
In the first, using aria-required attribute in the div tag.
Second one is providing the same to individual radio buttons
Are both acceptable since screen reader convey the required attribute
in both the scenarios?

2. Using aria-sort to convey the ascending / descending state for the
sortable table
I have observed Talkback screen reader is not conveying the state in
both activation and swipe navigation to the user. Seems like talkback
I have seen talkback is identifying the state in some of the examples.
but, they have used aria-live or aria-label to make it announce in
those examples. Seems like aria-sort is not supported with talkback
screen reader.

But, I couldn't find any github or any other discussion form link to
confirm it. if anyone has it, please share with me

Thanks in advance,