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Re: Quark to tagged pdf


From: Joe Clark
Date: Jun 12, 2004 10:31AM

> I would also be very interested in knowing more about how to make
> Quark-generated PDFs more accessible.

By deleting Quark from your system, forswearing never to deal with that
appalling company again, and switching to InDesign?

> BTW, I have started to advise my clients to use Adobe InDesign for
> typesetting, in order to make accessible PDF generation part of the
> production process.

And because it's massively better in other ways.

> I'm not familiar with InDesign myself, and initial
> feedback is that it is not that straightforward to generate accessible PDFs
> from InDesign either.

Then don't trust "initial feedback."

I have had no difficulty whatsoever auto-exporting multicolumn tagged PDFs
that pass the Acrobat accessibility checker on the first go. I assume the
designers providing the initial feedback aren't using properly-threaded


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