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Re: ACS for WCAG 2.1 alone


From: Mark Magennis
Date: Feb 14, 2022 10:34AM

WCAG 2.1 is a superset of WCAG 2.0 which means everything in WCAG 2.0 is part of WCAG 2.1. So only reporting against WCAG 2.1 SCs that are additional to WCAG 2.0 SCs is not reporting WCAG 2.1 but only a very small subset of it. If you want to present a WCAG 2.1 ACR based on a 2 year old assessment of the SCs common to both 2.0 and 2.1 plus a recent assessment of the SCs that are only in 2.1, then I think that's fine. But you should make this clear in the Notes section by clearly stating when the two parts of the assessment were carried out and what each one covered. At worst, it's only like having a 2 year old ACR which may be a little out of date. It's a bit better than that though because at least some of it is more up to date. Any ACR immediately starts becoming out of date when you make the first substantive accessibility change after its publication so it's not unusual for ACRs to lag a bit behind the current state of the product. If anything, you're only underrepresenting the accessibility (assuming it has been improved in the last 2 years).


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Sent: 14 February 2022 04:56
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [WebAIM] ACS for WCAG 2.1 alone

We have got a client requirement to prepare ACS report for their website that is recently tested only against WCAG 2.1 requirements alone excluding 2.0 requirements. Their website was already tested for WCAG 2.0 requirements couple of Years ago.
I have the following queries regarding this scenario.
Can we prepare ACR for WCAG 2.1 alone excluding 2.0?
Since the given website is not tested for 2.0 recently, should we recommend to test against all the WCAG requirements including 2.0 if they look for conformance?
If it is ok to prepare ACS for 2.1  alone, what should be mentioned in the comment's column for 2.0 SC's?
What is the industry practice on such scenarios?


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