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Re: Forms, Phishers, and Accessibility


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Jun 21, 2004 2:38PM

julian.rickards wrote:

>At Matt's Script Archive is a perl script called formmail.cgi. You can use
>this to process the form data and email it to you. However, your hosting
>service must allow you to configure this otherwise you may be at a dead end.
>Installation and configuration is quite simple. However, if the email
>address to which the registration is submitted is in the HTML page, then you
>haven't hidden the email address and it would be open for harvesting. Some
>hosting services will provide you access to their formmail scripts but you
>must put your email address within your HTML form to make it work which
>opens it up for harvesting.
Actually, so does Matt's formmail. According to
http://nms-cgi.sourceforge.net/about.html Matt's scripts are outdated
and insecure, which is not suprising seeing how old they are. Better to
get a newer version of Formmail from nms.