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Re: 2.5.3 Label in name - multi language interface


From: Detlev Fischer
Date: Feb 15, 2022 3:51AM

IMO for controls that visully are just labeled by an icon (i.e. no
text), 2.5.3 would not apply anyway.
If the language in the aria-label doesn't match the respective language
of the page version it looks like something that would fail either 1.1.1
or 2.4.6 or possibly both.

Am 15.02.2022 um 02:33 schrieb glen walker:
> Yes.
> With regular <label> elements, you basically get that for free (assuming
> the label is correctly associated with the <input>) . If the user switches
> languages and you change the innerHTML of the <label>, then you'll satisfy
> "label in name".
> But since you're talking about a search field, you might not have a visible
> "Search" label next to the field and instead have aria-label="search".
> (Note that you still need some kind of visible "label" for the field but it
> could be a magnifying glass icon and doesn't have to be actual text.) When
> the user switches languages, the aria-label should be updated to the new
> language. Not only will that satisfy 2.5.3 but you also want the new
> language to be used when the label is read so you'd have to update the
> aria-label anyway, regardless of 2.5.3.
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