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Re: VO and Table


From: Jonathan Cohn
Date: Feb 15, 2022 6:12AM

In group mode, the Mac will clump regions, articles, lists , and radio groups into an area that needs to be interacted with. Facebook for example will give a label to its articles that is something like "Joe Smith posted" and a help tag of the text that Joe posted. In Group Macintosh mode, All one will hear when navigating to the article is "Joe Smith posted," and if you hit the VO next button, it will go to the next posting.
You asked specifically about tables. Tables are a bit more confusing in both group and dot mode pressing down the VO modifier with an arrow key will move in that direction including navigating within tables. However if QuickNav is turned on then left and right keys will act like NVDA/JAWS up/down keys (in non table mode) and up/down keys will do the rotor behavior. This could be navigate by word, character, Heading, form field, or "Navigation". If the rotor is set to "Navigation" then VOiceOver should read down a column of a table with the up/down arrow keys.
When tabbing around a web page, generally, the Mac will behave quite closely to the windows computer once the changes to tabbing have been implemented within the Safari settings. (by default links are not considered tab stops).
It is more important to give grouping elements a understandable label when working device that will be supported since when in grouping mode, a VoiceOver user can easily skip all the content within that group,

Best wishes,

Jonathan Cohn

> On Feb 15, 2022, at 05:58, allyssa jessicon < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I would like to know if there are any differences when interacting with
> VoiceOver on a MAC machine that is exclusive to VoiceOver in MAC with
> either DOM or Group nav mod. additionally, what are the key differences b/w
> DOM and group mode of nav?
> Thanks in advance!
> Regards,
> Allyssa.
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