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Re: DHS Trusted Tester test conditions: Headings


From: Mark Magennis
Date: Feb 16, 2022 9:29AM

As Patrick says, the trusted tester test is failed if there are visual headings that are not programmatically defined.

But IMHO this is a bad rule. It is often very useful to add visually hidden headings in order to convey structure that is already conveyed visually by means other than text headings. This enables screen reader users to understand the structure and navigate quickly to sections of content. Headings that are extremely important for screen reader users may be visually unnecessary, jarring, or otherwise unwanted by UX designers.


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Hello! I'm needing some clarity based on DHS Trusted Testing/testing conditions:

ANDI and WAVE tools are not detecting any headings on any of the pages of a web-based training course, even though they are visually apparent - I marked this as non-compliant (pictured above) and got the below reply from the client that has me scratching my head and confused. Is there any validity to this?
"...The actual test condition (per DHS 508 standards, is IF the HTML programming code is exposed (on an HTML page), then the <h> tags must be properly coded. However, per DHS, if the HTML code is not exposed, then the test condition is not applicable."

Per the Trusted Tester Test Process document, under item 1.3.1-heading-determinable:
Evaluate Results:
If ALL of the following are TRUE, then the content PASSES:
1. Each programmatically determinable heading is serving as a visual heading on the page, AND 2. Each visual heading is programmatically defined.

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