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VoiceOver commands and Combo box


From: Ramshif Richu
Date: Feb 18, 2022 9:11AM

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well!

I'm wondering why VoiceOver with Safari (Mac Monterey) doesn't work well
with some combo boxes/drop-down list by using native Voiceover key
commands(the command voiceover read aloud when interacting with a
I have come across some drop-down and when I try to expand it with VO +
Spacebar, it seems that the key command doesn't expand it, where both
Spacebar and Enter works just fine.

My questions are as follows
1. As a professional accessibility tester's view, is it something that has
to work with the VO + Spacebar or is it alright since alternate key
commands works as expected?
2. If yes, does that matter to other components such as links or button?
where VO + Spacebar doesn't work but Spacebar and Enter works fine.

Much appreciated if anyone can direct me a good read article somewhere
around the Web.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks and Regards,