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Re: hreflang underestimated?


From: wolfgang.berndorfer@zweiterblick.at
Date: Feb 22, 2022 2:11AM

There are a lot of use cases for hreflang. Let us think about multi-language countries like Switzerland or Canada. And the whole www is multilanguage happily. Perhaps the English-speaking community sees less need for the attribute, but there are the developers.

1.1.1: What should we tell an author, who states that the background image would have a text alternative, if only SR would do their job? Frustrating!

Perhaps really the browsers should give a hint. We need a fallback mechanism anyway when Stylesheets are disabled.

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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] hreflang underestimated?

On 21/02/2022 16:43, <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> I stumbled over the attribute in a .css, which was something like:
> a[hreflang="en"] {
> background-image: url('english_icon.png');
> padding-left: 30px;
> …
> }
> Then I tested with SR and wondered, why the attribute was ignored.
> So, the oddness was the other way round.

So based on the above, a failure of 1.1.1 on the part of the author.

> A visual hint might be a choice for browsers.
> But an interpretation for SR-users is a duty of the SR. “Link *German* Oh wie schön ist Panama”
> Compare *required*: It is announced by SR but needs a work around for sighted people.
> That's no argument against SR interpretation.

*shrug* well, if you can convince SR companies that there's value in supporting/announcing this...cool. Probably as an option/setting. But again, chicken and egg, as there's not much use out there in the wild web for that attribute...

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