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From: Peter Shikli
Date: Feb 24, 2022 10:19PM

A couple of our accessibility analysts came to me to say that when they
release from prison, they would like to form their own company working
to make video games accessible to the deaf. Both of these gals are big
gamers. They are of course good at their day job auditing websites for
accessibility.  I would like to help them, or at least point them in the
right direction.

Does anyone know if the US has regulations requiring subtitles,
captions, or some kind of text layer on video games for the deaf? Is
there an accessibility standard applicable to video games, or are we
still just force-fitting WCAG?  Is there a membership group or some
community promoting accessible video games?  What advice would you give
two sharp gals looking to start a business making video games accessible
to the deaf?

Peter Shikli, CEO
Access2online Inc.
Prison inmates helping the internet become accessible