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Re: when is a list not a list?


From: glen walker
Date: Feb 26, 2022 11:27AM

Yes, Firefox and Chrome. Chrome's AOM inspector is easier to read (for me)
than Firefox's, but I had tried both. Both show a valid accessible name
and role.

I had tried various workarounds (which wasn't the gist of my original
question) on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (iOS) with NVDA, JAWS, and

One side note that I didn't include originally because I was trying to keep
my example simple, was that the main list (either <ul> or <div
role="list">) also had a CSS content attribute that added text to the list
(not the listitem). The text was read by NVDA and VoiceOver but not by
JAWS. The accessible name calculation says that CSS content should be
included in the accessible name, but it's in step 2F which is after step 2C
so in theory should be ignored if there's an aria-label.

On Sat, Feb 26, 2022 at 10:50 AM Niranjan Vala < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Have you tried this on firefox? firefox has the accessibility
> inspector built-in. I will try it tomorrow because I am currently not on my
> desktop.