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Re: Sending focus in a radio button group on error - visible focus indicator.


From: David Farough
Date: Mar 21, 2022 1:15PM

I think that Birkir's solution might work better and avoid this issue.
I noticed when using Jaws with the codepen, that Jaws also indicated the not checked attribute for the radiobutton.
This could cause the user to try to activate the button even though it did not have focus.
I should also mention that NVDA did not do this.
Another difference to note on Jaws and NVDA.

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No, it's not a 2.4.7 fail, because the element the focus is moved to
is not operable (you can't click the legend to do anything).
Same as with skip links. Focus is typically placed on the container
for the main content of the page, not on the first focusable element
inside that container.

Personally I'd connect the error message to the radio button group
element using aria-describedby and place focus on the first radio
button in the group, but that's just a preference (aria-describedby on
grouping elements has pretty good support across browsers/screen

On 3/19/22, Laurence Lewis < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> A decision was made in our Workplace in regard to error management for a
> radio button group. If the group has an error, focus is moved to the
> <legend> and the error message is located inside the legend element
> Example: Radio button group - error message location
> <https://codepen.io/Deafinitive/pen/RwjRReZ/30b2263b00edadb55840bfee19d76f9b>
> .
> When focus is moved to the legend element, is a visible focus indicator
> needed, and why? If there is no visible focus indicator is this a failure
> for 2.4.7 Focus Visible Level AA?
> Regards
> Laurence Lewis
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