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Re: expectations role=group / role=region


From: glen walker
Date: Apr 4, 2022 12:16PM

All good info so far. Another option, instead of changing the JAWS
verbosity level to high is to adjust the medium (default) verbosity level
to include named regions.

Bring up the settings center and expand the "Web / HTML / PDFs" branch (the
2nd one in the tree), and then the "Reading" sub-branch (frst one), and
then "Configure Web Verbosity Levels", and then "Medium".

The "Announce Start and End For" list has regions (generically, meaning
landmarks), near the bottom with various landmark types. Region is one of
the types and is unchecked by default for medium verbosity. It's checked
for high verbosity. So you could turn it on for medium if you wanted to.

For sighted JAWS users, here are two screenshots as described above. The
first is the setting center with "medium" verbosity selected. The second
is the list of verbosity elements that can be announced, with Region
highlighted near the bottom.