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Re: When to use WCAG 2.4.3and WCAG 2.1.1


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Apr 22, 2022 8:59AM

On 22/04/2022 15:32, jp Jamous wrote:
> Reinhard,
> I don't know of a reference that would give you such comparison. I can help you explain it, but you are not allowed to plagiarize. *Smiles*
> I am going to keep my explanation simple and to the point, without covering the technical aspect of it.
> 2.1.1 focuses on ensuring that every HTML element that can be operated by a user is responsive to keyboard functionality. In other words, if it can be operated via the mouse, it must be fully operable via the keyboard. It's that simple.

Slight tweak: it's making sure *functionality* that can be operated via
the mouse (or touch, or whatever other input) can also be operated with
the keyboard. This may or may not be tied to a specific HTML element per se.

You could have an interface made purely from non-focusable controls that
respond to mouse clicks, and in parallel have a whole set of key event
listeners on the body of the page that let you trigger the same
functionality that a mouse user could, and it would pass 2.1.1, for

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