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Query on Auto Page redirect issue


From: Ramakrishnan Subramanian
Date: May 26, 2022 6:57AM

Dear members,
I would need your guidance on the following scenario whether it would
fail WCAG requirement? If so, what would be the recommendation?
We have a success screen that is displayed after the user completes
filling of a form with first 3 steps successfully. It is redirected to
the home page automatically after 10 seconds.
The content in that page is
1. Header (with the Logo skip to main content link and the navigation
menus) repeated in all the pages on the website.
2. Main content (with the heading followed by the success message with
couple of lines of text. And a go to home page link). Note: Even if
the user does not activate this link, he/she would be redirected to
the same home page after 10 sec.
3. Footer (with a bunch of links) again repeated in all the pages on
the website.
It appears that this content may fail under 2.2.2 timing adjustable.
But since there is not much content here and user input is not
expected can it be exempted If we provide the success message in aria
alert role and set the visual focus immediately on the main heading
after the page load.
If the user is provided enough time to read this content and
understand, can this be exempted? If so, how much time would be
Apart from "timing adjustable" which SC does this possibly fail?


Thanks and Regards