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Re: Query on Auto Page redirect issue


From: glen walker
Date: May 26, 2022 8:29AM

If you literally want the exemption and to answer "how much time would be
sufficient?", then the last bullet point in the criterion says 20 hours.

I've never seen a page with a 20 hour limit but you asked what would be

Your scenario almost sounds like a "toast message", which, in and of
themselves, have lots of UX/accessibility issues. But you also have a
redirect after the toast message which makes it fall under the 2.2.1

To satisfy 2.2.1, you can implement the third bullet point to warn the user
before the redirect happens. One possibility might be when your success
page comes up, you have a timer on the page that says the user will be
redirected after XX seconds. That's the "warning". (The timer would have
to be conveyed to the screen reader user via aria-live). The XX seconds
would have to be at least 20 seconds as per the criterion's third bullet
point rather than the 10 seconds in your original question.

You could have a button that says "redirect now" (or something worded a bit
better) so that they don't have to wait the full 20 seconds and another
button for "pause redirect", which lets the user stop the redirect until
they're done reading, at which point they could click on the "redirect now"

Doing so puts the redirection timing solely in the user's hands, which is
what you want. If they don't select either of the buttons, the page will
redirect automatically in 20 seconds.

(Note that "redirect" is kind of a technical term so you probably don't
want that as the label of the aforementioned buttons. Since the
redirection goes to the home page, one of the buttons could be "Go to
homepage now", which is the "redirect now" mentioned earlier. The other
button could be "Pause the timer" (if the timer is obvious on the page on
what it'll do when the timer reaches 0). Definitely consult with your
designer or content specialist.)