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Re: WCAG 3.3.2 vs 3.3.3


From: Barry
Date: Jul 13, 2022 9:44AM

W3C have a very useful resource that I call Understanding success criterion...". Here's what it says about 3.3.2:

" The intent of this success criterion is to have content authors place instructions or labels that identify the controls in a form so that users know what input data is expected. Instructions or labels may also specify data formats for fields especially if they are out of the customary formats or if there are specific rules for correct input. Content authors may also choose to make such instructions available to users only when the individual control has focus especially when instructions are long and verbose."


And here's what it says about 3.3.3:

" The intent of this Success Criterion is to ensure that users receive appropriate suggestions for correction of an input error if it is possible. The WCAG 2.0 definition of "input error" says that it is "information provided by the user that is not accepted" by the system. Some examples of information that is not accepted include information that is required but omitted by the user and information that is provided by the user but that falls outside the required data format or allowed values."


So, the first SC is about giving hints for inputs and the second is feedback on an error.



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Hello everyone,

I have had a hard time understanding the difference between WCAG 3.3.2 and

Can you folks help me understand how is it different? Labels or instructions and suggestions seem like so much related.