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Re: CSS only Tab control using a radio button group - Good or Bad idea


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Jul 22, 2022 1:30AM

On 22/07/2022 06:56, Laurence Lewis wrote:
> I was directed to a webpage on medium.com, and asked if repurposing a radio
> group visually as a TAB control is okay from an accessibility perspective.
> I ask myself why would you, when there is an ARIA Tab control that serves
> this purpose, and that the ARIA pattern maps to the expectation of users
> because it works the same as a Tab control on the Windows platform.
> I'd like to hear the opinion of other developers and assistive technology
> users on the pros and cons of this approach.

The one "advantage" for development is that radio buttons give you most
of the keyboard behaviour for tabs with automatic activation for free
(in terms of only one/the active one gets focus, use cursor keys the
change the active one). But conceptually, they can be confusing.

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