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Re: Screen reader speed in demo


From: Karen McCall
Date: Aug 6, 2022 8:52AM

I demonstrate both. Well I don't use my screen reader at the highest speed I've seen other people use it, it's a good indication to people who aren't familiar with screen readers on how the screen reader is actually used.

When I explain why not to use abbreviations in labels or other aspects of the user interface, I use the speed I read at so that they can understand that sometimes when you're reading something fast abbreviations can be misinterpreted.

When I'm going through the user interface piece by piece and want them to understand what the screen reader is saying, I slow jazz down to about 15% speed.

I also use the Eloquence synthesizer because this is the one that I use, and it gives a more realistic perspective of the screen reader.

Some of the natural phone invoices don't have pronunciation dictionaries that are as complete as the eloquent synthesizer. This is another reason that I use that synthesizer. I also take the opportunity to explain the difference between the old robotics synthesized voices such as eloquence and the natural phone invoices that most people would prefer to use.

Cheers, Karen

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Subject: [WebAIM] Screen reader speed in demo

Hi all

When demonstrating the use of a screen reader to developers and designers,
is it better to reflect real world where the user may have the rate set to
high-speed, which has great impact but can be uninteligable to non-screen
reader users, or to have the rate set to a normal speaking rate that they
can understand? A compromise might be to demonstrate a power-user speed,
then to slow it down to an intelligable speed.

Thanks in anticipation.



A11y tip: To Make Your tabular HTML Emails More Accessible for screen
readers, use the ARIA presentation role.