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Re: Chrome PDF Viewer ToC focus problem


From: Vaibhav Saraf
Date: Aug 19, 2022 4:44AM

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your analysis.

I also inspected the ToC code in Firefox, and the href linking looked fine.
Also, the fact that the behaviour is proper in Acrobat makes me think this
is not a code problem.


On Fri, 19 Aug 2022 at 03:39, Steve Green < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> I just tried this on one of our PDFs and saw the same behaviour in Chrome
> and Firefox.
> It's possible that it depends on how the TOC is constructed – there is
> only one correct way according to the PDF 1.7 specification, but there are
> several ways that work for keyboard navigation (albeit not for assistive
> technologies).
> The TOC links may also work if “destinations” are added to the PDF. You
> can add them in QuickFix, but I don't think you can in Acrobat.
> FWIW, Chrome and Edge are a bad choice of PDF reader for people with
> certain accessibility needs. They do not use the Tags panel, so they do not
> convey semantic structure such as lists. Worse still, they ignore the
> headings you have tagged and they guess what the headings are, based on the
> font size. The result is that the heading structure they expose to
> assistive technologies may be entirely different from that which you
> specified. Firefox does use the Tags panel.
> Steve Green
> Managing Director
> Test Partners Ltd
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Chrome PDF Viewer ToC focus problem
> Hi All,
> I am a little curious about a problem I am seeing with ToCs on Google
> Chrome. The PDFs I am referring to here are written in Adobe Acrobat, when
> activating any of the ToC links, the visual as well as the programmatic
> focus moves to the target when using the Adobe Reader.
> However, when viewing the same PDF on Chrome, the view scrolls upon
> activation, but the programmatic focus stays on the ToC link. Also, the
> focus shift for any custom reference links work fine.
> I am a bit curious, if it is a viewer issue, or there is something the
> writer can do at their end to make this better on Chrome?
> Thanks,
> Vaibhav
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