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Re: Is it ok to intentionally break WCAG 2.5.3?


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Aug 20, 2022 8:36PM

That's the coolest thing about this list. I always learn or relearn
something about accessibility on here, going on 15 years now.

On 8/20/22, glen walker < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Good stuff, thanks everyone. I read the "understanding" sections so often
> that I'm not sure how I missed this one.
> And I use "close" or "info" all the time for x-close buttons and "i"
> buttons but for some reason it didn't click as the same scenario for "AA".
> And now I know what "human language" is too, thanks Steve. If I have any
> buttons with Klingon labels, "human language" wouldn't apply unless I'm
> speaking Klingon to another human.
> > > > >

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