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Re: What motivates you? and accessibility checks


From: Prof Norm Coombs
Date: Mar 8, 2000 3:39PM

I strongly believe that the best authoring tools are those which DO NOT put
in a ton of extraneous code but keep it simple, like HomeSite or even
Notepad which many web designers use. Then you handle your own access
code, but the basic page is kept simple in coding and easy to understand.
At 02:41 PM 3/8/00 -0500, you wrote:
>You are right that at this time, I don't think anyone can rely solely on any
>one software package to design accessible sites. Hotmetal is the only
>software I know of that tries to address access though.
>Good point on tables too! I have discovered that tables can be made
>accessible! I am working on making a table accessible using info from WIA.
>It is still recommended by standards though that tables not be used for
>formatting. I have noticed that many sites do rely on tables for visual
>effect. I have seen reference to style sheets being used for layout instead
>of tables but know that when I have tried this, I have problems with all
>types of browsers supporting the techniques. There is some work to do in
>this area still obviously.