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Re: - Access to web information using a keyboard


From: Hayman, Douglass
Date: Aug 29, 2022 9:36AM


Check out the steps suggested in this Webaim resource:


It is good to know how to use tab and those other core keyboard only keys to navigate a web page.

You may also want to try out the ANDI testing tool used in the federal Trusted Tester program here in the US. It is free and has video links on how to try the various components. Works with multiple browsers on Mac and Windows:


Using the "focusable elements" mode then the previous/next buttons with ANDI you can see the status of each element you land upon to get more information about problems with accessibility.

Also watch for parts of the web site where upon activation, modals and dialogue boxes appear to see if you can fully navigate through those as well. Does keyboard focus remain with those or disappear (visually) to parts of the site underneath those? Does the keyboard focus get trapped in one area where the user cannot use the keyboard to escape that trap?

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Dear All,My name is Patience from Uganda. I am currently working on the accessibility of a university website for students with visual impairment. Through interviews, students with visual impairment complained that the university website was inaccessible by the keyboard. I have integrated WAVE in google chrome, and I have all other accessibility errors and alerts of the university website as produced by WAVE, but I seem not to know how I check the keyboard accessibility of the university website. I will be grateful for your kind help.
Kind regards,Patience Uganda
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