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text in addition to arrows for flashcard navigation?


From: Mike Warner
Date: Aug 30, 2022 1:59PM

Hi all,

we have a flashcard feature that works great and passed the
accessibility audit from a very well-known organization. As it currently
is, there are three columns of divs. The first column is the navigation
for the previous card and contains an arrow icon link (with appropriate alt
text) and a corresponding text link that says "Previous Card." The middle
column is the card, and the right column is the navigation for the next
slide, with the icon and text as previously described. Since the arrow
icons have alt text, do we need the text in addition to the icons? It
seems like the text is not needed, but I wanted to run it by this list
before making a change to accommodate a learner.


Mike Warner
Director of IT Services
MindEdge Learning