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Re: quote from a person with disabilities


From: Jared Smith
Date: Jul 22, 2004 1:10PM

> I would really like to have some sort of testimonial from a person
> with a visual impairment

Here's a quotable posting from this discussion list. It was submitted
several years ago, but may be helpful to you.

Jared Smith

If web masters could grasp ONE simple truth, most would take the bother.
For example:
I am totally blind. When I was a kid groceries were sold in friendly
corner stores. Mom could send me there to get butter, sugar and whatever.
The owner or a clerk at the cash register got the stuff and sold it to me.
In fact, in those days, most people didn't get their groceries but asked
the clerk.
With the supermarket, I am now handicapped. No one at the cash register
can leave their post to get my items. I cannot go to the store even when I
am out of food. If I can't get a friend I am in bad luck. Even if I pay a
taxi to take me to the supermarket, what then? The driver won't shop for
me? I go hungry or more likely eat EVEN MORE peanutbutter!
Now we have homegrocer.com in some places. Here is a way I can become a
REAL HUMAN and buy food and eat! I go to their site and, guess what? I
can't handle it with a screen reader. Here was the chance for me to become
human again and I am ROBBED! Yes, it feels like I have been mugged and
left bleeding on the road. I could hav gained independence and become a
real person. Instead, I remain handicapped!!!
If you were the responsible web master and had the power to make such a
giant change in someone's life, what would you do?
"too much bother. . let him be handicapped that's all he's worth' . .
Or "Wow what a fantastic opportunity I have to make a significant impact on
the life of another person???????
Norman Coombs, Ph.D.